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Movement Coaching for Active Aging

Welcome to Studio P Oakland

Maybe you aren't looking to do 100 burpees, yet you know you need to be able to pick up more than the tv remote. Whether you are a highly active individual looking to enhance your performance, in need of post-rehab guidance or looking to move more safely and efficiently with greater balance, flexibility and control Studio P Oakland has the resources to guide you on your way.

I am a career fitness professional who researches the most efficient and effective ways to train older adults. My career has taken me from club level, clinical work, management and beyond. Together we will customize your movement program based upon your training goals including any injuries, health conditions or physical limitations to get you stronger, more confident and help you maintain a healthy, independent life.

Portrait of senior woman lifting dumbbel

You are the boss of you. I will provide the guidance on mobility, rehab, functional training and nutrition. Together we will develop a program that works for you.


Small group exercise sessions to enhance cardiovascular fitness, strength and mobility, a great way to compliment one-on-one training programs through a social activity.

Why Studio P Oakland?


Hi, I am Patty Lyons the owner of Studio P Oakland and a certified Pilates and fitness professional who specializes in movement coaching for Active Agers. I have been empowering groups and individuals for nearly 30 years to take and continue their path toward greater health and wellness.


Studio P Oakland is a private Pilates and personal fitness training studio that provides a tranquil, safe and non-competitive environment for you to achieve your goals regardless of your fitness level.


I began what has become a life long passion to help others after spending time in physical rehab due to childhood illness and multiple surgeries. These experiences allowed me to engage with many who struggled, like myself, to restore their health. This inspired me to never take my own health for granted. My admiration for those who dedicate their life to helping others achieve and maintain their health and independence directed my life path.


The common thread throughout my journey is my commitment to maintain my health through movement and wellness, and to have the opportunity to assist the Active Aging community to improve and preserve their health.

Online training sessions only at this time, offered via Zoom.




If you would like to learn more about how I may assist you with your Active Aging journey please call Patty at +1.510.715.7839 and / or send your name, email address and brief message using the form below.

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